Denise 2 Go Knitting Set - A review

I'm a fan of purses, or bags. Big ones.. Because I like to tote a lot of things around with me. This usually includes my kindle, wallet, knitting (several projects sometimes), phone, keys, snacks, extra snacks for my ever growing almost 8 year old, a water bottle... you get the picture... 

Sometimes I manage to throw in the tablet or a book for my little man too! When we head out, we try to be prepared.. And of course, that means I stuff my bag to the brim. Who's with me? Yeah, I bet many of you are... 
So when I hear of something compact, and incredibly functional, I'm ALL ears!

Introducing this amazing, and seriously cute,  Denise 2 Go knitting set! 

Yah. uber cute, hey? Guys, it fits in the palm of your hand! Having something so compact, and portable, and totally functional to just pop in my bag is perfection!  Not to mention perfect for those flights! Yah, this works in my life so perfectly! 

YarnCanada.ca has 3 sets. A small set (which is the one that I am reviewing), a medium set, and a crochet set! And they all come in a beautiful hand-sewn cotton case. 

This small set comes with six pairs of knitting needles ranging from sizes US5/3.75mm to US10/6mm. There are 3 cords sized 14", 16" & 19" (36, 41 & 48 cm). 
These are so easy to adjust. With a twist and a click, your needle is firmly attached! 

The set doesn't stop there though! Included also are 2 end buttons to turn any cord into a stitch holder (that's thinking on your feet!) or to use as an end cap to create a straight flexible needle.  There's even an extender for cord to cord connections so if you need a cable longer than what's provided, just add the extender, and presto!  Let's not forget the handy crochet hook for picking up dropped stitches. Yes, they've thought of everything. 

I really love it! Normally I knit with metal needles, and I can tell you that the tips never snagged while I was knitting. I loved that. Also, my mind would be put to ease in just carrying this handy 2 go set on an airplane.  The cables take a tiny bit of coaxing but really are fairly pliable. 

I really think this is one of the most adorable sets! 

The shipping is also crazy affordable, heck this item qualifies for free shipping! And in Canada that's a big deal. :) 

You can find the full selection of Denise knitting & crochet sets HERE

They'd make great gifts for any knitter or crocheter! xo

*disclosure - I received a set of needles in exchange for a review, and received no monetary compensation. The opinions I've written are my own. *


Fall inspires me :)

Suddenly the end of September is here, and we are just about to leap into October. This is definitely one of my favorite months for many reasons, but really I just get excited and giddy every time I see the calendar flip over to the October month. :)

I'm certain I'm not alone. School is now fully in session, and the routine thing feels a bit more like a routine. So now I get to knit feverishly because the brisk mornings, the crisp walks, the toasty warm drinks all tell me to.

Fall is such a beautiful season! I used to live in Ontario where this particular season really just takes your breath away. The bright maples really like to put on a show.

Of course this means that I'm diving into my beloved stash and getting excited about knitting all the things! A little while ago I promised myself to be more diligent in knitting more for ME. I absolutely enjoy knitting for work, and commissions, and gifts, don't get me wrong! But I've been lacking in allowing myself to be pampered with my hand knits. I love my stash of yarn too so I think it's about time that I really start appreciating it and showing it some love by knitting myself stuff from it. ;)

I currently have three WIPS on the go for me. yes!! 3!!!! can you believe it?  One of them has been on the needles for quite some time now. This is line break, by veera.

I had knit one in a lovely grey, and I ended up swapping for a shawl that my sister had knit. Now I want one for me! The colorway I've chosen is purple basil in madelinetosh tosh merino light. In this version I'm knitting with a 3.25mm/US 3 needle. Just a tad bigger than the shawl I knit in grey.
I'm really loving the outcome of it so far. And the color! oh man. I'm LOVING it! It' so rich and deep.

I am also planning on using up the entire 2 skeins, and then maybe I'll do the edge in the leftover grey. I'm still thinking on it. So it will also be bigger than the grey.

Once this shawl is complete, I'll be casting on the yarn that was in the first picture. It's miss babs tarte. The colur is Reihi and it's a babette.

I had knit my Oma a shawl when she was out here visiting a few months back. She had fallen in love with vareigated yarns, which were still so new to her. So I let her pick from my stash. I was so pleased when she chose the tarte in the berlin colorway. I chose the pattern 22.5 degrees. And I think it was a perfect match. You can read more about that shawl here.

I miss Oma terribly, and I'm so glad we had the chance to spend quality time together when we did. She will always hold such a special place in my heart. And so I think I'll knit another "Oma shawl" in memory of her.  xo

Are you excited by the fall weather? What's on your needles? xo


Lady Lady Lady.... bat.

Something that I've been trying hard to do lately is to make "me" knitting a priority. I'm not complaining that I haven't been able to do that as much, but I am making myself more aware of the importance of selfish knitting.

So I knit up Lady Bat by Teresa Gregorio. Guys. I am so pleased with the results of this one! It's a very flattering sweater, and it has such an interesting construction!

This actually knit up pretty quickly. The lace pattern is very easy to work, and allows for a lovely drape.

I used Knit Picks Shine Sport in Wisteria. I barely knit into the 8th skein on the XS size. This sweater has huge drape and is uber generous in size. So I'd definitely suggest going down a size or two. I am also a pretty loose knitter, so I used a 3.5mm/US 4 for this project.

Can we talk about the construction? You actually start on one sleeve then split for the body. You knit the front and then the back, then join to knit the other sleeve! It's genius! So fun! This definitely makes the whole project interesting.

It's important to remember which row you were on when you ended the body (on both the front and back) so that when you join together to knit the other sleeve, everything will be seamless. That's easy though.

hahah! excuse the bedroom selfie. ;)

This is a sweater you can throw on with leggings, or jeans.. even a pair of cut offs would look cute with it! You could also dress it up. It's going to be such a staple, I know it.

I added a tad more ribbing at the bottom, just because I prefer the look of it. The only other thing I *might* do is make the neck opening just a tad smaller, so that it won't slip off my shoulders. It seems ok right now, but I wonder if the more I wear it, the more it might relax into a larger opening, We'll see though. That would be an easy fix as well.

I've gotten so many compliments on this one! Such a fun knit. I highly suggest you try this one out. xo I do have a shawl on the needles right now, but I'm considering another pair of socks, and another sweater... what about you? What's on your needles? xo


Back to the grind :)

Goodness, how is it halfway through September already!?

This of course makes me pretty happy, as it's one of my favorite times of the year. I love the crisp fall air, the leaves turning color. Mugs of hot cider... and the KNITTING!
The knitters are getting into an excited frenzy, and I love it!

So I'm kicking off (hee hee) the fall season with a pair of socks for me!!

This is yet another pair of Climb Socks. Pattern by Jane Richmond.
This time, I've decided to figure out my own striping sequence! And let me tell you, that was fun! It also made the knit fly by faster than normal... which is pretty fast, as these might be the quickest pair of socks to knit.

Yarn:  Knit picks stroll solids in peapod & agate heather. 
Needle: size 2.5mm/US1.5  (I use circulars, and magic loop all the way)

I am always surprised at the amount of yardage in the knit picks skeins. I used a total of 130 yds of the peapod, and 176 yds of the agate heather. So not even two full skeins! And in my opinion, these socks are not exactly short either.

One thing I really like about this pattern is also the fact that you can do so much with color. I suppose a lot of sock patterns allow for this, but the pattern itself is so minimal, that your thoughts can easily turn to playing with color. Because you are using a needle larger than usual for other sock patterns, and your total stitch circumference is smaller, these socks knit up like the wind!

I am looking forward to  my next pair already.. (I've already knit 3 pairs!) I'm thinking I might just grab blindly at the yarn for my next pair, and just see what comes up :)

Do you have a favorite color way for this pattern?

Tell me, what's on your needles right now? Is it gift knitting already? Are you pampering yourself with a hand knit before the real holiday knitting chaos sets in? I'd love to hear about it! xo


a mini rant & a pretty shawl

So I have to confess, if it's not obvious enough, I haven't exactly been best friends with my blog space lately. Mostly because I'm really frustrated that whenever I go to view previous posts I see that pictures have gone missing. Am I now seeing what all of you see? If that's the case, I'm really not cool with that.

I mean, what's up with that, blogger? I worked hard on my pics. And they're MY pics... so why can't I see them? I put them up already... sigh. Anyways.... (rant not REALLY over, but over for now)...

I finished another knit! This one is actually for me! "Heaven's to Betsy!" you might exclaim ... or not... but still it's pretty cool that I actually have something for ME to tote around.

This is the Antarktis shawl by Janina Kallio.

The yarn I used is RainCityKnits Supersock (MCN) colourway is Electric Coral. I honestly LOVED knitting this! The yarn is uber squishy, and lovely to knit with. This is my first RainCityKnits yarn that I've knit with, and I'm sure that I'll be purchasing more.

I used a 3.75mm/US 5 needle. Honestly the first two days of knitting got me way more than halfway through the shawl. I only had to set it down for a while because I had other knitterly obligations that had to be filled.

I highly recommend this pattern, and this yarn! So fun. And really the perfect summer shawl.

The colour just screams WOW. .. don't you think?

Anyways, I plan on having more selfish knitting on the needles. Because it feels good.

How about you? Are you knitting away? What awesome summer knits have fallen into your lap? Any other bloggers out there frustrated by their blog? xo


22.5 degrees & love

Goodness it's been a while, hey? Did you miss me? haha it's ok if you didn't. ;) I can hardly believe we are just about to embark into June! Where on earth has the time gone? The last few months have been full for us and we are preparing for a busy summer. The Mr. is going away on course for 5 months, and we'll have to say our goodbye's half way through summer. And so we are planning on some important family time in the meantime.

Speaking of family, my amazing OMA has traveled across Canada for a visit! say what?! I'm very glad that long-life genetics are on my side! Oma is 97 and still enjoying every bit of life. So amazing.

She has so many stories to tell, her memories are full. It's lovely! I will be spending much of the weekend with her, and I'm really looking forward to it!

Oma actually was one of the first people in my life to teach me to knit. Up until last year, she was still knitting! Remember this beautiful blanket she made for one of her great grandchildren? Such a special gift.

So of course, I really couldn't let her go home from this amazing visit without a knitterly gift. Oma is loving the variegated yarns, as they are still new to her. I let her choose from some of my favorites in my stash, and she settled on Miss Babs Tarte. The colorway is Berlin.

Gorgeous, isn't it?  I ended up deciding on knitting up Martina Behm's 22.5 degree shawl. I am so glad I did! I absolutely loved knitting this up! In fact, I enjoyed every stitch so much that I'm feeling I'll need to order more Miss Babs! I used a 3.25mm for this project.

I really love the construction of this shawl. So incredibly simple and soothing. Like much of Martina's patterns, I imagine! I was able to use up the entire skein, thanks to Martina's formulas for adapting different yardages to her patterns. Love it!

From start to finish, this only took me a week. I still managed to knit up work knitting as well! It was such a lovely knit, I hardly noticed the extra hours of knitting time put in.

This yarn also drapes like a dream. I so, so love it! The scallop edge is a nice, dainty little feature. Really so sweet! When I saw Oma last week, I was wearing my hitchhiker. She kept commenting on the variegated yarn, and just loving it in the garter stitch. I knew I couldn't go wrong with another pattern from Martina. I had chosen 22.5 degrees so that Oma would have the option of wrapping it around her shoulders like a more traditional way of wearing a shawl, should she choose to.

I certainly plan on ordering more yarn to make one for myself!  I'm looking forward to giving this to her tonight. xo

Do you follow me on Instagram, Ravelry or Facebook? If you don't yet and you'd like to see what I'm up to a little more often than when I post on the blog, please come and follow me! Be sure to say hi! I'd love to follow you too! xo


Self Striping Love...

So last year for knit city, I made up a sample for Caterpillargreen yarns. I am sure you already know but it bears repeating that these gorgeous self striping yarns that Catherine creates, really practically knit themselves.

I become obsessed with seeing the next color change, and I just can't put the work down!

This, of course, helps in knitting up a shawlette in a very speedy fashion. :) In this case, the pattern I used is the Simple Yet Effective Shawl by Laura Chau.

The yarn is  Caterpillargreen MCN Fingering. Colorway: Concrete And Tulips. I used my 3.5mm fixed signature needles for this project.

This really is a speedy, and delightful knit. I highly recommend this yarn... if you haven't heard of it before, please, go check out Catherine's website. You'll be able to keep on top of when the next shop update will be. You'll have to know what you want though, because these yarns sell fast!

To find all things Caterpillargreen check out these popular sites:

I think the next self striping shawl I knit up will have to be for me though :) xo Tell me, what's on your needles this week? xo

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