my ovaries hurt

So this happened this weekend....

And they are probably the cutest baby booties I think I've ever made. Which is easy to say, because I've only made one other pair..... and in all honesty they are pretty cute too...

But these are newer to me, and so more popular in my books right now. I love the simplicity of them! The options of color-work are pretty much endless. You can use solids, a different color for the cuff, or even a variegated yarn would work too!

Ok I'm sure you want to knit your own, so here are the details:
pattern: Rolled Cuff Baby Booties by Nickie Alexander
Yarn: basically I just searched the stash for anything worsted or dk.. even though the pattern calls for aran, I think you can use almost anything. Just hold double if it's fingering, and adjust for size..
       BUT the ones above from left to right are knit with  - mineville wool project  in i believe merino DK in bright moss & cauldron  and the other pair is knit with - plucky knitter traveler aran in honey wilkes, & madtosh 80/10/10 worsted in fog.

Personally, I think i like the tighter gauge, and I' already such a loose knitter. The larger of the two pairs is knit with US9/5.5mm & US8/5mm and the other pair is knit with US5/3.75mm and US6/4mm  .  Both sizes are knit in the 3 month size. There's a lot of stretch to them too. Especially the larger pair, so I'm sure they'd fit much bigger than 3 months.

One thing that was a bit confusing to me at first, is the designer calls M1R equal to M1B when I actually would call M1R the same as M1F. I realize maybe understanding that the needle goes into the BACK of the stitch (then you’d knit into the front, making a M1R) but when I first learned the increases I understood that you would label Back or Front based on which side of the stitch you’d be KNITTING into, not picking up.
at any rate, I figured it out just fine. And I think they are the most adorable booties ever. EVER. Such a fantastic way to use up bits of yarn. :) This will definitely be a go-to pattern for me! 

Sadly, the mineville with this base I used isn't being produced anymore, as far as I understand. I wish that I would have bought my LYS' stash of it before they sold out. I'd totally knit a sweater out if it, it's so lovely!

At any rate, my plan today is to search for more yarn and colorways to add to this adorable collection! Do you have a favorite baby bootie pattern? Do tell! xo


from sweater to vest. xo

Though I do a few customs, sample knitting, and product knitting, I also help to revive old knits. Be it mending, or in this case, changing the garment so that it's wearable again!

This is such a beautiful cowichan sweater. And it's a bit of a very special heirloom. However mum was a bit shorter than her daughter is, so I was asked if we could transform this sweater into a vest. What a beautiful, and fantastic idea!

So that's what I did. Admittedly, I was a little sad frogging the arms. However, I knew this meant giving the sweater new life, and it was really so fascinating to see just how the knitter carried the yarns, I also knew the sweater was well loved and used, as I found lots of sand in the yarn. I can just imagine the cozy seaside walks that were taken while wearing this garment.

This really was a very easy fix, as this style of sweater is often knit in pieces and then seamed together. Once the sleeves were off, I just picked up stitches around the armhole and crocheted a few rounds. It gave the vest more stability, and provided the look which was just what I was looking for. A couple of hours de-pilling later, and presto.

And so now, I hope that it gets much more use again, and hopefully sees more seaside walks in it's future. I have no doubt it will. xo   The little cowichain-inspired cowl was a gift that I made up from the sleeves. xo


on the mend

I am happy to say I am healing well, and last week proved to be a pretty productive week, knitting wise. The Mr's socks were easily completed, and the little man requested a matching pair of his own. So those were relatively quick to whip up.

Also, it seems so many people (that I know) are pregnant, so I decided to get a head start on baby knitting... and the first of a few gifts flew off the needles! Though I don't want to reveal quite yet what I made, as it hasn't been actually GIVEN yet.

I am still working on socks for me, so that #operationsockdrawer remains in full swing :) But really, I'm just looking forward to getting back to my normal pace.

Thank you to those of you who've "popped in" online to see how I've been feeling. It's been nice to have you look out for me!

So in the meantime, here's a picture of pretty yarn to tide you over for a bit. And I promise, as soon as both my men can sit still long enough, I'll get some cute pics of them in their matching gentleman's socks. xo


post surgery = knitting time!

I had surgery on monday. It was just day surgery, and it was pretty minor. However it leaves me with a few days of post surgery resting. That means knitting when I'm not sleeping!

And I've made great progress on my main man's socks! Let me tell you, when he told me that he'd go for another try at handmade socks, I got so excited! He spotted the yarn in a shop over Christmas holidays, and when he mentioned he'd wear socks made out of it, I had to buy it.

One down, and the second well underway, I think he'll be wearing these socks in no time!
This of course leaves my mind to wonder what I should knit up next. I'm thinking something in a DK weight.

I actually have 2 skeins of Northbound Knitting Merino Silk DK in the colourway Metallurgy. And I've got 3 possible projects for it. So I'm looking for your vote...  All of these patterns are by Lisa Mutch herself. And as she's the magic behind Northbound Knitting yarns, I trust any of these patterns would be lovely... still though, I'd like help narrowing it down..

1. Ingot. 

 Originally, this is what I bought the yarn for. I liked the idea of a cowl that could also fit over my shoulders.  This calls for 2 skeins, however I've seen many use just 1 skein. I tend to always end up with extra yardage. It's my gauge or whatever, but I've always found that I have extra yarn.

2. Clinquant.

Yes, I realize this calls for 3 skeins, and I only have 2. But I could just make it a bit smaller. This is, afterall a generous sized shawl. It's so pretty too!

3. Maim

I just think this shawl is so pretty. It's very basic with it's garter stitching, but the edge has something interesting to it. I love it. I would use the entire 2 skeins to get every last bit of yardage out of it.

So there you have it. What would be your pick? xo


sample knitting!

I finished a sample knit a little while ago..  I loved knitting it so much, I think I will make another, for me.

This is Quicksilver by Melanie Berg.
I knit this sample for Mudpunch Yarns. Chantel chose the colours, and I have to say (though it's probably very obvious), her colour choices are just perfect!

The pattern is very straightforward. Very easy to put down and pick up. I love that even though it's basic knitting, the results are rather stunning!
Here's the "knitty gritty"
Pattern: Quicksilver by Melanie Berg
needle: US5 / 3.75mm fixed signature circular needles
Yarn: Mudpunch Vibrant Fingering in (A) shadow (B) newsprint & (C) life aquatic

It's a massive shawl, using over 800yds. But I would't have it any other way, the drape is amazing! This is much to do with the yarn too...

So let's talk about the yarn. This is knit with mudpunch vibrant fingering. Guys, it's such NICE yarn! It's a mix of 70% merino wool, 20% cashmere goat, and 10% nylon. The cashmere with the merino makes the yarn feel so incredibly smooth! Knitting with it was heaven! It gives incredible drape, and blocks really nicely.

The colours didn't bleed a bit. Chantel makes absolutely sure that her colour sticks, and I had nothing to worry about even with these contrasts.

*for more photos of this sample, & exact yarn usages, check out my ravelry page. *

If you've never knit with mudpunch yarns, I highly suggest you do! You won't be disappointed! Be sure to check our her self-striping yarns too!

Check out her website for all info mudpunch. Her Instagram is always brimming with yarn photos too.

As for the Quicksilver pattern? Knit it. Just do it. It's so lovely, and stunning! I have a feeling that I'll be knitting a lot of Melanie Berg's patterns. xo


welcome 2016!

There's good reason why my blogging has been very sporadic over 2015. It's been a tough year. We've struggled through infertility treatments, had a health scare, and my husband was away for over half of that year, with one course taking him away from us for 5 months. 

And so, blogging took a back burner. Which is fine. I need for this space to be a place I look forward to jotting down entries here and there, and not feel obligated to have something to say every day. 

That being said, the knitting has kept me busy. My little man is now not so little anymore, with just having his 8th birthday!! And I'm back to doing a more regular exercise routine, as I was doing back in the fall. 

Things are looking up for 2016, I'm sure! I have some FO's to share with you as soon as I can get some pictures taken. My husband is HOME! (for a little while at least) and we are really enjoying family time again. It's always an adjustment though, but we make a good team, and we're slowly finding our new normal. 

I wanted to take a moment to thank you, dear friends. Thank you for popping by this space and sharing in my little entries. I love the crafting world, and I've met so many fantastic people through knitting. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, and for sharing in my obsessive er.. no passionate love for all things yarn. :) 

I hope to make it a bit more of a priority to knit with my stash (I really do love it), and to knit more selfishly... I have to mention though that I consider knitting for my family selfish too. hee hee... 

Thank you all for your support! For those of you who've hired me as a sample knitter, product knitter, or test knitter, and for those who have taken lessons, purchased product, or requested commissions.  Thank you so much for supporting my little business.  Here's to a fantastic 2016!! xo



Maybe it's the fact that I'm getting older, maybe it's missing OMA so much, but this Remembrance Day I really wanted to do more. My Oma was one of the first people to teach me to knit, and she was so very supportive of my work. Whenever I knit, I often find myself thinking of her.

It started out as a little project for Owen and I to have a knitted poppy. As soon as I posted a picture though, things got a bit crazy. I was getting flooded with requests for poppies. How amazing! I decided I would take donations for the poppies, and I quickly had to put a cap on the orders. I could only get so much done before the 11th! (I had less than a week since I first posted the picture).

I am excited to say that almost 50 poppies later, $206 CAD was collected in donations. All proceeds have been sent to the Royal Canadian Legion.  This may be the start of something so lovely.
I plan to get a head start on poppy making for next year, so please, for those of you who didn't get one this year, next year I'll be more prepared.

Thank you so much for your donations, and your support. I am pleased to see that Remembrance Day is becoming more recognized, and the turnout is getting larger every year. My family is from Holland. The details Oma gave me during her last visit out here were so real, and raw. I am so thankful that throughout such hardships, my family remained so strong. I hope I can be brave, like Oma.

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