Happy Rainbows

A good rainbow'd knit is just the ticket some days :)

This shawl happened a little while ago, and it's now in the loving arms of it's new owner :) I honestly loved knitting it. It was a very quick, potato ship knit. 

And the yarn? Caterpillargreen never disappoints, even her seconds skeins, which this one is. I basically wanted to create a crescent shawl in garter. Though I wanted to be sure that the color changes remained crisp and clean, so whenever there was a color change, I simply did that row in stockinette. It created a lovely, squishy shawl! 

The pattern I based this on is TGV ( High Speed Knitting) by Susan Ashcroft. It's such a fantastic pattern! I highly recommend. I didn't do the ribbed edging as I didn't want to draw away from the yarn, however I think the next time I knit this shawl, I'll try it as written, and with a single color) just for kicks. That being said, I've seen it with self striping yarns, and it looks fantastic! So you know, maybe I'll make a few more. ;) Also, I used a 3.75mm/US 5 needle. It ended up being a pretty massive shawl! 

This ended up being a shawl that was paid partially in trades. I scored a beautiful terrarium, and a much needed lesson on painting. I had never painted any rooms before, and I wanted to do Owen's room for him. I learned lots of great tips, and I'll definitely feel more confident and excited for my next painting adventure! 

Tell me, what's on your needles? xo


In love with Rompers

Oh look, another baby gift. :) This one, I LOVE. Truthfully, I think that the old fashioned romper is just the cutest! 

Because the pattern is just a classic, basic pattern, I wanted to yarn to be rustic. I chose Loops & Threads undyed wool. This colourway is "natural", naturally. :) Even though it's 100% wool, it's really not scratchy or anything. And I know it will keep baby warm. 

The pattern is Small Things Romper, and Small Things Bonnet by Carina Spencer.  The patterns were very well written, and were a joy to knit. I love the simple details like around the brim of the bonnet. Just so pretty! There are several adaptations you can make to the patterns too, which Carina covers in full length. Just fantastic! And you also have a couple of options with the bonnet too.. meaning, if you wanted to, you could make it a pixie. I know I will definitely make this outfit again sometime. It's just so adorable! 

I chose to do the 6 month size, because I like the idea of baby actually getting some use out of it. As for the buttons, I just dove into my stash jar, and this is what I came up with :) 

I just love the whole look, put together :) The gift was very well received.. Baby was brand new when I gifted it though, so it will be a little while yet before I get to see any pictures of him in it :)

Sometimes bringing patterns & wool back to basics is just the perfect reminder of how lovely and resourceful knitting has always been. xo


still knitting! :)

I can't believe it's been a month (almost) since I last blogged. Well no, that's not true. I can. Honestly, with the hours in the day that I spend knitting, or now spring cleaning & purging, and everything else life has me doing, I seem to not make it on here too much. But you know what? I kind of like that this space is always just waiting for me to come on here whenever I can, and put out whatever I want. yeah. I like it. And if not many people read it anymore, well okay. I can hardly expect readers to keep checking in when I'm rarely here these days. I understand. :) And maybe one day I'll get back to blogging more regularly, but until then... this will work for me.

However I have been a busy bee knitting. There have been some babies being born, so adorable baby knits needed to be made. So I knit up another Milo vest. And a pair of booties. Because they are just too adorable. This gift was for another one of Owen's teachers. And she loved it. I knit up the 6 month size, so that baby could get more rather than less wear out of it. They grow so stinking fast, that I find that doing the larger sizes are a good idea. :)

I really, really like this pattern. It's such a quick, satisfying knit. And there is just so much you can do with the pattern. You have endless options with color work, or texture. I opted for a basic thick & thin stripe sequence. I feel like this is such an adorable little man vest.

And those matching booties! gah! They really are just so cute!  As per the last time I knit this set, I used Mineville wool project merino DK. And I'm still so sad that it's discontinued. It's just so very lovely to knit with! xo

I like the style of the booties because they're meant to actually stay on the foot. the contrast color actually rolls up to give a longer leg if needed. Bonus, it will keep baby's leg warm too! So practical :)

If you are ever in a jam for a quick and adorable baby knit, then I highly suggest this gem! xo


Pink light - sample

I did another sample just a little while ago. This one is for Caterpillargreen yarns. Guys. I LOVE this colorway! And I know you already do too, if you've been on instagram at all.

Basically this shawl practically knit itself. I cast on and then 2 days later, it was done, and blocking. I absolutely love the flecks of pink in the greys. It was such a lovely thing to see them pop up! And of course, that pink! gah! SO vibrant!

The yarn is Caterpillargreen MCN fingering : shawl (self-striping) , colorway pink light. The sample used a 115g/4oz skein, and I used up as much as I possibly could.

It's a dream to knit with. The yarn holds great texture yet still has amazing drape. And it's really soft. So lovely!

The pattern is A Certain Darkness by Sylvia Bo Bilvia.
It's a fantastic pattern, and I highly recommend knitting it. I added the garter ridges randomly as suggested, only I just made sure not to do any garter ridges during a color change in the yarn. I also worked 10 rows of the pattern once I was into the final color change before working the final rows of garter and the picot edge. I used a US4/3.5mm needle.

I totally love that this sample is fully local! Dyer, designer, & sample knitter all in beautiful British Columbia. LOVE.

This yarn has just recently been added to Caterpillargreen's shop. I made sure to nab a larger skein of this colorway. I honestly loved knitting with it so much!

Whats your favorite self-striping yarn & shawl combo? I'd love to hear! xo


Purple Basil

This shawl has actually been done for quite some time now. I know, I'm terrible at actually getting the photos taken, and then writing about it. But I can assure you, I have been really enjoying it! I grab for it often, and get several compliments :)

This is another line break by Veera Valimaki.  I knit my first line break back in 2014. My sister loved it, so she and I traded for it :) I snagged a pretty shawl that she knitted! :)

At any rate, I had some leftover tosh merino light in charcoal, that I wanted to use in my second line break. I also had planned to use every last bit of the  two skeins of purple basil. ..... and I'm SO glad I did! I love the outcome! And the bonus is that I used up ALL of the yarn! horray!

One thing that I was incredibly nervous about is the amount of bleeding from this yarn when I blocked it. It didn't bleed on me while I was knitting, so that's a good start. However, having friends who also dye yarn and have a few tricks up their sleeve on how to help from keeping the purple basil bleeding into the charcoal comes in handy too. Here's lookin' at you, Chantel!

I ended up using color blockers. Four sheets of them actually! These look just like dryer sheets, but you throw them in the tub (or sink) along with your knitting, and they grab hold of the dye.  The link sends  you to amazon, but I believe you can get them in places like London Drugs as well. Just look for them in the laundry aisle. I am certainly happy I did this, because there was SO much purple in the water. The color blockers did a fantastic job though! -- The charocal does have hints of pink to it now, but I don't mind it at all, and it makes for a very pretty shawl. :)

So here's the breakdown:

pattern: Line Break by Veera Valimaki
needle: US 3/3.25mm fixed circular Signature needles.
yarn: Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light - 2x skeins purple basil, (840yds) & only 30grams of the charcoal.

This pattern really is a pleasure to knit. There's not much thought required to keep track, but it's still interesting enough to keep you from being bored of knitting for over 800 yds :) Of course, I'm certain this won't be the last time I knit anything from Veera.

My photos aren't the greatest, and I find this colour impossible to capture.. But I also have to admit that I don't tend to spend enough time on photos... probably because I'd rather be knitting :) Trust me though, it's a very pretty shawl. xo

What do you have on your needles? xo


sample knit! - Alluvial Plains

I had the pleasure not too long ago, to help mudpunch finish a sample. The fact that we had a very similar gauge with this shawl made this such an easy project to pick up and finish quite quickly. 

That and the most divine yarn. :) Chantel aka mudpunch also has a knack for pairing the most perfect patterns with her yarns. Alluvial plains by Karen MaCall is no exception! 

This pattern is a fantastic match for her speckles and bits set. Don't you agree?

The only mod made with this pattern is the needle size. Chantel opted for a 4mm/US 7. The pattern calls for a 5mm./US 8.  Though this resulted in a smaller shawl , the drape was not sacrificed at all with the smaller needle. Honestly, this yarn is so smooth! 

This pattern is very well written, and has clear instructions throughout. There are lots of "checkpoints" so you can be sure you're on track. The new yarns added are added on both sides, so this really makes for a reversible shawl. You can't tell between the right and wrong sides at all. 
I also really love the picot edging to it. It creates a nice, dainty finish. 

The yarn used in this sample is Mudpunch Vibrant Fingering.  If you remember the Quicksilver sample I knit up for her, you'll also remember just how much I love this yarn. The set used is the blue eyed hex. I totally love this colour combo! It makes me think of summer. LOVE!  I believe Chantel knit up probably half of the shawl, maybe just over, and I finished it up for her. To be honest, I loved knitting this so much that I was a little sad that it was over so quickly! LOL. 

I highly recommend knitting this pattern. It was interesting enough not to bore at all. And the short rows made for quick colour changes. All in all, I used 581 yds. See my Ravelry page for specifics on each colour. 

I don't think I'll ever grow tired of knitting shawls. I love them so much! Want to snag a set of these yarns for yourself?? Check out Chantel's online shop.  

Do you have a favourite shawl pattern on the needles? Do share!! xo


On a cloud.


It's spring!! And I've been busily knitting away. No surprise there :) I've been able to open up my knitting schedule to accept more sample & test knitting, and I'm really enjoying switching up the pace a little!

My husband's schedule is proving to be very busy over the unforeseeable future, and so I'm planning on diving into my very well loved stash to work away on some luxury knits! That should help pass the time, don't you think?

However, I've actually completed several knits that I haven't blogged about, and only barely taken pictures of. Yesterday I decided to snap a few pics and be warned, they're not great. Photo taking really  isn't my strong point. I much prefer to be curled up knitting ;)

First up, the cloud cowl! This has been done a while now, I'd like to say at least a month, maybe two? I can't even remember.
I ended up snagging 3x skeins of Drops Cloud while most likely searching for something else. I just couldn't stop touching it, it's really so so soft! It's a "blown" yarn made from alpaca, merino wool & nylon. The write up for the yarn in ravelry says that  "Its construction is unique, based on the newest yarn technologies, where instead of spinning, the fibres of baby alpaca and merino wool are air blown into a tube, which makes the garments made in this yarn about 30-35% lighter than those made with conventional spun yarns of the same thickness."

I have to tell you, it's SO light! I knew I wanted it around my neck. This was going to be a super quick & satisfying knit, as when I bought the yarn, my LYS (the beehive here in Victoria) gave me the pattern for free! It's a basic, simple pattern, and I love the outcome. The pattern isn't listed in Ravelry anywhere, but I can tell you it was a simple repeat . And I used 8mm needles for my cowl.

I've worn it many times since, and it keeps me so warm! Though it looks enormous for a cowl, it never gets in the way. I love it!

This would make a fantastic gift, or of course instant gratification knit for yourself! Knit with this yarn. You won't be disappointed.  xo 
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